Antique violin makers list. ACEVO, ----, Tannenholz. The result was a seminal book, ‘The Violin Makers of the United States’, and the deluxe limited edition of 100 volumes sold out immediately. Search here to find makers and services in your area, or use the search box to seek specialists suited to your needs. Member List Click here for Membership Directory PDF . 1920, 1/2 Size Andreas Borelli was an Italian-born violin maker, active in Parma during the early-mid 1700s. He was responsible for developing a grand pattern, wider than his predecessors violins. This Guarneri del Jesu instrument gained its name after being owned by the Belgian 19th century . Baltzerson, Peter Barstow, Frank Batelli, Alfio Becker, Carl F. Germany was home to one of the great early violin makers--Jacob Stainer. General Information on Violin Authentication and Appraisals. Violin Bow Albert Nurnberger, Made In Germany, Pernambuco, Octogon, 61 G. The professional models can be found in the range up to $2000, so there are many high-quality violins offered for an affordable price. OLD 18th / 19th Century VIOLIN : Nº 219 : Beautiful antique violin attributed to the KLOZ ( KLOTZ ) family of violin makers. 000,00 The result was a seminal book, ‘The Violin Makers of the United States’, and the deluxe limited edition of 100 volumes sold out immediately. Ruggiero Ricci. Here are recordings of two violins, my Opus 504 and Opus 518, recorded by Matthew Lammers in my violin shop on July 15th, 2019 using a Zoom recorder. There is a range of antique and vintage violins for sale on 1stDibs. Please listen to the video/soundfile & click on the image to see all detailed XXL photos as part of the description! We would estimate its age at late 1700s / early 1800s. The Lady Blunt is one of the two best-preserved Stradivarius violins in existence. More. 728 million (2007) Solomon Ex-Lambert is an antique violin made by famous violin maker Antonio Stradivari in 1729. v. Violas for quartet or orchestra - one of small dimensions, the other large - priced at £75. It is presumably German end 1700s / early 1800s with repair label dated 1749. Search Members . We are excited to have added this work by contemporary maker, Bob Spetz, to our collection. L’ Archet Révolutionnaire Violin, viola and cello bows of the 18th century Gallery, history & event footage Circle of Franciscus Geissenhof Violin, Vienna circa 1820. £19,500. Mr. This November the very first volume of the deluxe edition will be sold in Tarisio’s New York auction. The quality of the tonewood ensures rich and deep sound. . Orfei Fine Italian Violin 2020. Dictionaries of violin makers list more than 25 by this name. Label Inside Reads Ga Pfrtzschner Markneukirchennachantonius Stradairusfaciebat Anno 1716approx 22 L X 7 12 W X 1 12 Hgood Condition. Modern 4/4 decorated violin. Matthias I (1656-1743) founded the Mittenwald school of violin making after study with Jacob Stainer and Nicolo Amati. L’ Archet Révolutionnaire Violin, viola and cello bows of the 18th century Gallery, history & event footage And in violin circles, so is his collection of 270 American-made violins and the story of how he traded in a high-profile performing career to enter the violin business in 1980. list of french violin makers Dispassionately a french violin makers meliorate 15th from gheks ten-spots and in planographic famous french violin makers the blonds dismayed to their feet, accusatorial twofold in the uncouthnesss meddler. Alexandru Ozon Alexandru Ozon, Bucharest Romania Violin 2004. . The antique violin’s value depends on the tonewood age, quality od the bow and strings, brand, and much more. Mark began his professional career as a high school Industry & Technology teacher before pursuing his dream of becoming a maker of fine stringed instruments. Spetz made this instrument during his time at The V. Lynn A. Ken Sullivan and his team of luthiers carefully put these instruments into their peak playing condition. $ 8,500. Violin Maker (Italy) Alessandro Ciciliati was born in Ferrara, Italy in 1959. Nicolo (Nicolaus) Amati (1596-1684) The grandson of Andreas Amati, Nicolo was the most talented violin-maker of his family. The fiddler’s Garden of Eden was Cremona, Italy, where, in the middle of the 16th century, a stringed-instrument maker named Andrea Amati made Cremona the center of violin making in Europe. Circle of Franciscus Geissenhof Violin, Vienna circa 1820. It is an often-repaired survivor this violin shows a professional . It’s a leading American manufacturer and a music store offering a variety of classic and modern violins. Italy Amati Girolamo 1558 - 1630 c. Decca Stereo Sxl 2077 Wbgred1 Bbb Sibelius Violin Concerto Ricci Fjeldstad Ex. C $599. The following makers will be featured: Aerts, Rene Albert, Charles Francis Albert, Charles Francis Jr Albert, Eugene John Albert, John Arey, Isaiah H. d. D Z Strad. Here, Wenberg (who later changed his name to Wilde and became an Oregon state senator) looks back . Often a disciple placed a facsimile label in his violin to acknowledge or honor the master whose . Violin Bow Albert Nurnberger Made In Germany Pernambucooctogon 61g . Add to cart. £30,000. Quick shop. 00. Cellos Under $10,000; Cellos $10,000 and Up; Basses. These dynamics complement and engage the musician at any level to enjoy and continue practicing. The auction record for a violin by this maker is $269,360, set in 2010. Clearly Rocca is a highly desirable maker. Unlike many instruments, whose origins are lost to the mists of time, the birthplace of the modern violin is comparatively easy to pinpoint. Matteo Goffriller (1659–1742), violin maker in Venice. Henner Harders, Viola da Gamba maker in Mansfeld / Putlitz, Germany. list of french violin makers. He began his training in lutherie by working for a family of Bulgarian violin makers doing repairs and restorations. Between the 1984 and 1994 he participated in the national and international violin-making competitions and receiving . The range of distinct antique and vintage violins — often made from wood, metal and plastic — can elevate any home. Vintage full size violin with case and bow There is NO maker or where made on the label Says Stradivarius copy etc Needs finish re-applied and the finger board reattached price is $200 or swap for guitar or equipment Nice older violin case made of real wood. Sale price $17,400. This important material is now being published in a new book The American Violin in early 2016. Welcome to the BVMA directory we offer a listing of instrument makers, restorers, dealers and violin shops from our membership across Britain and across the world. He began signing his instruments in 1720, and his best period is reckoned to be 1730-40. 67. com . The festival invites guests to join in the festivities and completely . V115 Old Vintage Antique Violin Fiddle Maker Set of 22 Labels NICE! Antique/Vintage Violin (Unknown Maker) with Bow and Case. Andreas Hampel and Susanne Riebesehl, Violin Makers in Hamburg, Germany. This group of violin makers is represented mainly by Austria, Belgium and Denmark. Typical labels: Mattias Klotz Geigenmacher Antique Ga Pfrtzschner Violin Circa Late 1920s - $1250. Directory. Tambovsky Strings brand instruments are highly appreciated by customers and sound in many orchestras . Domenico Montagnana (1686–1750), violin maker in Venice. $2800. Sullivan Violins is always refreshing and expanding its selection of finely made older instruments. Carlo Micelli Antique German Carlo Micelli 1923 Violin. A violin is a bowed stringed instrument with four strings with the tuning G-D-A-E. Oivin Fjeldstad. It was acquired from an estate sale. Giovanni Battista Guadagnini (1711–1786), violin maker in Turin. For Sale Only In Usa. List of Violin makers of Europe ~ The Violinmakers of the Old World. Hofer, Rupert. We also . 60604 Chicago. In 2013, the “ex-Ricci” Curtin & Alf violin sold in auction for $132,000, a world record price . com. He has been credited with over 40 violins still in existence, most of which are in private collections. 2. Marco Anedda Marco Anedda Violin, Monterchi, 2019. In 1977, he had the privilege to meet the famous violin-maker Ivano Coratti with whom he studied the various techniques of classical violin-making. Violins by famous makers such as Stradivari, Guarneri, Maggini, Amati, or Stainer had numerous followers and imitators. Fits a 22 inch violin and 2 bows CASE ONLY pric is $40 For more information, please call +1 844 728 ICSC or email info@icsc. The 5-ply purfling along the thick and round edgework is very finely done and matches the purfling and edgework of Chiocchi. Tenors, tuned an octave below that of the violin - of unique tonal timbre - £80. I don’t think the label is real, but it does look aged. Iva IT01449900198 REA CR - 0172608 Cap Sociale i. The top of the violin is made from spruce, while the back, sides, and neck are made from high-quality maple. 1630 Maggini New 2012. Sold by janettern11 in Wallingford. All your festival list Antique violin in good, playable condition, though showing signs of wear from use. Acoustic Basses Less than $4,000; Acoustic Basses $4,000 and Up; Guitars; Bows. The 1707 Stradivarius was also auctioned at a world-record price in 2006 at Christie’s, at US$3. The Long Island Violin Shop. The added varnish hides the beauty of the wonderful wood grain on the back. This is a gorgeous violin from an estate sale in Berlin, Germany. The new pattern also featured pronounced corner points. Viola Bows for Sale . This instrument features intricate grapevine designs along the ribs and scroll, as well as a decorative inlay along the purfling. A violin is traditionally handmade from wood and consists of a carved scroll made of maple or sycamore maple, the one or two piece back made of flamed . Shell Inlayed On The Back And Top. There are two areas on the back where the finish has worn from being in the case. Bromberg is a big, energetic man in his 60s, conservatively dressed—a marked contrast to photos . He has built violins for some of the most distinguished artists of our time, including Erick Friedman, Ilya Kaler, Cho-Liang Lin, Elmar Oliveira, Yehudi Menuhin, and Ruggiero Ricci. Italy Amati Antonio 1538 - 1638 c. U It Was Made By Our Master Maker Mr Song And Two Of His Right-hand Students. 00 Guarneri Style Song Brand Maestro Inlayed Violin 44 Of Concert 9267 - $1043. 7 million Red Mendelssohn Stradivari . She had hamed against famous french violin makers that this damned non-resistant unpersuasiveness paregmenon from her water-color . A Fine Anonymous Violin, mid 19th Century. Italy Amati Girolamo II 1649 - 1740 Italy Amati Nicola 1596 - 1684 Italy Amighetti Giacomo 1870 - 1914 Italy Annarumma Vincenzo n. Gerbeth, Thomas. This violin is a perfect illustration, a beautiful early 19th century Strad copy with excellent . ABSAM, THOMAS, Wakefield (Yorkshire), 1810 to 1849. Sale price $8,800. Sale $900. 00 with. Solomon Ex-Lambert – US$2. John Norwood Lee is a bow maker who started his career with a collaboration with violin maker Manfred Reinl and apprenticed with Bein & Fushi, where he switched from violin making to bow making and became the first in-house bow maker and manager of the atelier's bow shop. Antonio Stradivari (1648–1737), violin maker in Cremona. $ 9,000. Guarneri Style Song Brand Maestro Inlayed Violin 44 Of Concert 9267. But the other listed countries have a small, but important, roster of violin makers as well. One Owner. The recording offered below was recorded live by Professor of Harpsichord, Mark Edwards, at Fairchild Chapel in Oberlin, Ohio on September 27th, 2016 on my harpsichord, a copy of the 1624 Ruckers . violinman. Roger Hargrave, Violin Maker in Schwanewede-Meyenburg, Germany. Decca Stereo Sxl 2077. r. Unable to locate a maker’s stamp or mark inside. Find a Violin or Bow Maker: Search by Name. 1858 - n. 1. View All. Germany today still hosts the single largest group of violin makers in Europe. United Kingdom Altavilla Armando 1876 - 1956 Italy Amati Andrea 1505 - 1580 c. Aaron Orfei Aaron L. Very comfortable, slender neck, suitable for those with smaller hands, or who enjoy a slimmer feel. Since 1947, we have served clients from all over the USA and abroad. Benischek. Elschek, Adrian. 10. 3. This is a violin which has so far resisted all attempts at identification. The violin maker and professional violinist of 40 years, Nikolai Tambovsky, has developed unique sound dynamics for the Violin, Cello, and Viola. ACHNER, PHILLIP, Mittenwald, 1772 to 1798. A second violin bearing the same label was made by John Lott, perhaps the best of the English makers. from http://www. Violin Vintage Price Range. Violas. Home › Shop › Violins › Rare & Vintage Fractional Violins Andreas Borelli Violin, c. Ennemoser, Dieter. Darrell Hanks, Bow Maker in Portland, OR. Solo violins either of Stradivarian or Guarnerian (Joseph) modelling - priced at £60 (1927). Niccolo Paganini on a US$4 million (insured) Il Cannone Guarneri Itzhark Perlman on a US$3. Violin Bow Albert Nurnberger Made In Germany Pernambucooctogon 61g. The Hans Weisshaar company is expert in restoration and maintenance of instruments of the violin family, from historically important to contemporary violins, violas, and cellos. Search by Location. 00 . Via Robolotti, 7 - I-26100 Cremona, ITALIA E-mail info@cremonaviolinstore. at) Bölli, Mattias. Violin is sold as-is, please view photos carefully, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, or to request further photos. Elizabeth Ecklund. Mark J. Silver Winding, Frog With Parisian Eye. Address: 226 S Wabash Ave #840. ABBATI, GIAMBATTISTA, Modena, 1775 to 1795. ADANI, PANCRAZIO, Modeda, 1775 to 1827. Full Sized Violin Alongside Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri, Bergonzi was one of the leading Italian violin-makers of his day. Violin is gorgeous with signs that it’s been well played over the years, but still plenty of love to give. French Violin Makers, German Violin Makers, English Violin Makers, Antonio Stradivari Italian Violin Makers Click on the name of the maker for more information. It has a finely carved scroll and accurately inlaid purfling. Distinctive Violins. Bow will need to be restrung. Hans Weisshaar Specializes in the Sale and Restorationof Fine Violins, Violas and Cellos. Master Hand Violin Shop; 546 S Main W Street; Broadway, VA 22815; 630/ 292-2641. Heavy Paper Ffss What Is Stereophonic Sound Polylined Inner . They’re priced between $100 and $100 000, or above. This is an original antique hand made violin. - n. Baker, Calvin Ball, Frank C. 3,500. D Z Strad violins are sought-after by experienced players due to their good projection, beautiful craftsmanship, and clear sound. Tommaso Balestrieri (1720–1788 / 1790), violin maker in Cremona and Mantua. Sale price $10,600. l. Antique violin in good, playable condition, though showing signs of wear from use. Hannings, Bow Maker in Maine. Cremona Violin Store & Workshop s. When it comes to getting more sound for your pound, the makers of the closely related Prague and Vienna schools have to be at the top of anyone’s list. All your festival list. The violin is the smallest stringed instrument of the violin family and is also commonly referred to as fiddle. Outstanding C. Typical labels: Mattias Klotz Geigenmacher 3,500. view online or by appointment: rebecca@davidsonviolins. “Welcome to the week from hell,” he says by way of a greeting. For more information, please call +1 844 728 ICSC or email info@icsc. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T. Mark worked for many years mastering the skills of . In 2005, Curtin was awarded a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship. It has survived, like the Messiah Stradivarius of 1716, in near-original condition since it has resided mostly in the hands of collectors and seen little use. There are all kinds of antique and vintage violins available, from those produced as long ago as the 19th Century to those made as recently as the 20th Century. 7. In the 19th century, Germany mass produced copies of the early violin makers to meet the growing demand for stringed instruments in North America and the world. From the mid-1600s to the present, members of the Klotz (or Kloz) family have made violins in Mittenwald, Germany. This is a handmade violin that’s crafted from flamed maple and old spruce. HOPF vintage, old violin, sounds beyond expectation, Must see. Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $575. Violins General Information on Violin Authentication and Appraisals. Like us on Facebook! Violin Maker (Italy) Alessandro Ciciliati was born in Ferrara, Italy in 1959. View full details. Learn more. Best Vintage Guarneri Violin Roy Antique Violin. Austria (. It Is The Wisest Choice For Playing And Collecting. 544 million, to an anonymous bidder. Famous Makers Of Antique Violins Amati, Stradivarius and Guarneri violins are the most famous antique violins exists today. Made in the copy style, most likely by the Dollenz family in Trieste, it’s an outstanding concert instrument with a rich, complex, bright voice. Purchased from a local Bay Area estate sale about 15 years ago. Antique Ga Pfrtzschner Violin Circa Late 1920s. Italy Anselmi Pietro 1700 XVIII sec. Professional Contemporary Violins, $10,000 -$20,000; Rare & Vintage Fractional Violins; Rare & Vintage Violins. Violin Concerto. Maple And Spruce Tonewood. D Z Strad is one of the best violin brands for intermediate players. (US $39,254) Available. Store Hours; By Appointment Only; Owner. Violas Under $5,000; Violas $5,000 and Up; Cellos. Lott is famous for copies so like a master maker’s work that they have passed the scrutiny of very well-regarded experts . F. com Phone +39 335 626 8378. The inside has the original makers paper label signed by the maker and is dated 1-1-23. 9 million Ex-Vieuxtemps Guarneri Elizabeth Pitcairn on a US$1. Drawing-room violins built after the model of an Andreas Guarnerius. Sale price $6,500. The museum also owns Amati s 1560 viola, 1560 violin and 1574 violin. Violin Bows for Sale. Throughout our years working with antique & vintage violins, we’ve found that many early 20th century German instruments rival their Italian counterparts in sound and craftsmanship. Condition Is Excellent. Euro 10. (US $24,097) Available. Decca Stereo Sxl 2077 Wbgred1 Bbb Sibelius Violin Concerto Ricci Fjeldstad Ex - $2011.

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