X reader stressed. Warnings: hopefully angsty _____ “Hitoshi, come on!” The tiny girl clung to the purple haired boy as he struggled to get up from the nap the two just took under the cherry blossom tree. Can I request a Butters x reader where they are in high school and butters sees the reader, a new kid at south park high, in the music room practicing singing for an audition? Maybe Butters is awestruck and won't stop talking about the reader's voice to the boys until maybe the boys shove Butters in the room the next time the reader is singing? I love your writing so much!! He came back with a piece of plain bread. And Liza just standing there watching this unfold, like. Suna Rintaro x Reader. Empty. Wattpad: @BreanaSimmonsTik Tok: brebre248Hope you like. Supernatural. warnings: slight nswf, minors dni i strongly believe makeup seggs with childe is totally a thing, like once an argument gets to you he just kisses you to shut you up Well, hey! Here’s a Gavin x Reader for you guys! By the way, do you want a Carter (rk900) New year special x reader or Connor? I can do both or more than that, just let me know!! REMEMBER: REQUESTS ARE OPEN . All the excitement from the Christmas was over; exams were too far away to worry about. Setting: UA dorm rooms. Stay With Me - Dick Grayson x Reader (Heartlines Soulmate AU)-30 Sep 2017-(A/N: Sorry if the medical stuff is incorrect, I don’t really know anything about medicine. Tagged as bts bts fluff bts angst kim seokjin seokjin x reader min yoongi yoongi x reader jung hosoek j-hope x reader hobi x reader suga x reader kim namjoon bts namjoon namjoon x reader park jimin jimin x reader kim taehyung taehyung x reader jeon jungkook jungkook x reader bts soulmate au bts fanfic bound forever series a cph army: ask a College AU - Lee Jihoon (woozi) X OC Part 1 - Class . Your two best friends had just figured out they were soulmates and you felt like an even bigger third wheel than ever. Word count: 923 (kinda short Ik) Furthermore, cuddles helps reduce stress, and Hordak is just a bundle of stress, so having someone who likes to cuddle is like having a walking stress ball. Request: Hiii~ can I make a req with a hufflepuff reader (who doesn’t take shit from anyone- bonus if they’re a mudblood) who is secretly dating draco but he keeps doing stuff with pansy like he takes her to the Yule ball, public dates, making out in the halls etc. Tw: female reader, mentions of mass murder, abuse of power, monarchism, toxic mindsets, obsessive behavior . Simp — Deserving | Venti x reader wanting to self harm. undertale, sans, one. You’re the head of a major company, and you’ve reached out to Tony for help on a major project. reader, after watching a couple of boxing matches with the boys: put me in the ring! put me in i wanna fight! *jumping and punching the air* later . warnings: slight nswf, minors dni i strongly believe makeup seggs with childe is totally a thing, like once an argument gets to you he just kisses you to shut you up Albedo x fem! reader • Welp That was not what you were expecting to walk in on. loss of vision due to stress, death . spencer reid spencer reid x reader spencer reid fluff criminal minds one shot. One would think that Hordak would avoid physical contact, but since the two of you are so close, he’s not against it so long as he isn’t tinkering or preoccupied with threatening Catra for the fifth time this week. Warning: heart-warming fluff, very minimal swearing. Facebook. Stressed (Kaminari x Reader) 13 Days of Halloween Challenge | Day 2 Prompt | “It smells like fall threw up in here. Eye color, hair color, length of hair, Body shape, and skin color are never strictly stated and when they are it’s with fanfiction fill in’s like (e/c), (h/c), (h/l), (b/s),& (s/c). dream reads a dono asking about you— just a general question, if you’re doing alright. He was a criminal, a murderer, a highly lethal and notorious executive for the. Word count: 2925. (Y/n) has a huge crush on him but Hitoshi doesn't even know the guy. ahh i was the call x reader anon, and im sorry i shouldve specified!! i did want headcanons so you dont have to stress yourself out w/ a oneshot if you dont want to! thank you sm for your wonderful hcs ^-^ You could copy other people’s quirks as long as you could touch them physically, but this meant you copied the drawbacks too. The Devil’s Mercenary Pt. Y o u ’ l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. Senpai= Someone who is a older year than you. Grey’s anatomy. All the cadets were convinced that Levi was a dried up lonely man who was always angry and had a tall wall built in front of his heart. kiana/hov x gn!servant!reader warnings: blood/injuries, death mentions, servant reader, grammar + spelling mistakes, lowercase writing, tell me if i forgot any. ♥️ caffeine addiction (k. I have nothing to say other than please, enjoy your reading. Albedo x fem! reader • Welp That was not what you were expecting to walk in on. Warning: None. mikey x reader summary: mikey’s been so stressed out with literally everything and has hit his lowest point, and he just needs to be with you. Eraser Shavings — Miles Morales x Reader (This isn’t goodbye) 1. G x Terminator Fem Reader. In the small town of South Park everyone knew each other, but with any small town everyone had secrets. Demon Slayer Inosuke X Reader Lemon Wattpad - ANIME 4 2022 tip anime4. Welcome to the X Reader Theater! Welcome to the X Reader Theater, my name's Tony, and you can find me on my main blog, Call-Me-Tears. requests by: @studyandhoneyteas. Originally posted by romanticnihilists. Anyway, thank you very much for the request, please take care!! ↳ Summary: Stress had been getting to Namjoon, yet when he explodes and says everything that had been in his mind, you’re left broken. Surprise! | Dazai Osamu x Reader. Eraser Shavings — Doctor Strange x Reader(I could never forget you) 1. That's what it's like most of the time. Platonic! Tubbo x reader (He/Him) Warning: Derealization (Seeing yourself in 3rd person, disconnect from emotions, seeing yourself in a warped version) Note: I feel like I didn’t do this justice so if it isn’t to your liking Im sorry! I did my best research on this -Stress from school was the main reason you’d slip into a derealization . Comment . Your ex wasn’t a perfect boyfriend. Spencer smiled and took a bite of the bread. mon . Hitoshi Shinsou x Reader. (Extra bonus points to the author if you can slip a penguin huddling reference . You were calm and breathing just fine. DORM LEADERS WITH M!S/O Riddle . As a child, you had wanted to become a m . Originally posted by thwiptom. 2“Author’s notes: Sorry it took so long for me to do. Sighing as you made your way off the jet from your latest case, you waited for your boyfriend Spencer. Here's chapter 2 Obnoxious Flirt chapter 2 (Draco x reader x Harry) The song she is singing is called To Be Loved by Jackie Wilson. 🌊You didnt expect the sharp spear to peirce your tail. Connor loves looking at you. The Maze Runner. I pull my legs up onto the chair and tuck my head in, making myself look like a little ball. The Walking Dead. Can I’m have the dorm leaders x male reader who loves cute things and use cute clothes and have a bunny plushie with him all the time and the bunny was the left gift from his grandma before she’s died headcanons please . One second. com. Obviously, things aren’t exactly the same as the show but I tried to follow it pretty closely. childe x reader- kissing n making up . You guys are in for it this time, let me tell you. The battle a . Puppy Love | Fluff | Seokjin x Reader |. key : Y. Criminal Minds obsession right now. Abrupt end. “Look look Wilbur, that’s her,” Tommy loudly pointed to the center as the curtain opened and music queued. shinsou x reader Fanfiction. Summary: Reader has confidence issues thanks to ballet class. Reader and George are good friends and George is there for her. Dabi x SelfHarm!/Depressed Reader Alright, Love Bugshere’s the one I have been working extremely hard on. Holding your balance on his leg, you propel yourself as high as possible, rubbing against as much of his face as you can manage. The reader ends up falling anyway and Connor decides to take you on a walk in the nearby park. Read Sans x Stressed! Reader from the story AU Undertale one-shots by DJWinterWolf with 16,751 reads. It wasn’t that (f/n) was always so guarded that people would assume she was jaded. Memily4ever. Feeling your eyes heavy with sleep you open them with all your might . Fell x Emotionless Bullied Smoker Reader. Story: https://www. *Pent Up Stress* Newt x reader anonymous asked: All of your stories are awesome! I don’t know if this has been done yet or not but could you do one Newt deals with a new creature he’s found but. Laundry: Poly Hamilsquad x reader Note: Thanks to Oliver ( @oliveqarden ) helping me get past a few moments of writers block! I promised to tag @oliveqarden and @reallifepirate. Love was about sharing, losing control, being partners in the exploration of feelings. Stressed Katsuki X Pregnant Reader 25. Pairing: Reader x Scott. Yandere!General x reader . Part 2/9 (Planning has added another part) Warnings: panic attacks, reader being a little awkward. Sam Golbach. Prompt: You’re Scott’s mate and he’s scared to tell you. This is no excise and I would like to say sorry because I have been a terrible blogger. This is smoll. Shawn Mendes. It came up randomly after a long day of . They stopped in front of the window that was overlooking the school grounds; he watched (Y/n) zone out and gathered his courage to talk about the incident about Dabi. You and Clint had been enemy assassins for years until one day he . Hitoshi Shinso, also a college student. if you want to request, look at my rules. A/N: I thi. Stressed Out - Sirius Black x reader (requested) fic where Sirius find his very open and very sociable classmate having a breakdown? Maybe from stress or family? But basically finding the weak side of. - Bakusquad x Dom!Male!Reader x Shinso Hitoshi - - COLLEGE AU - (Y/n) (L/n), an insecure and easily stressed out college student who drinks a lot at parties. They knew no one would even be able to handle him so when it came up that Levi was in fact married to Captain Y/N, they were all shocked and speechless. just some classic reader! Originally posted by devildrusje. – The Singer: – Robb Stark x Reader. But one day, the reader comes back. Part 3. Tw: Authoritarian Regime AU, female reader, Activist!reader, non - con, dub - con, violence, blood, minor character death, possessive behavior, controlling behavior, imprisonment, objectification, political dystopia setting, mention of drugs, unrealistic potrayal of left - wing totalitarianism, loss of vision due to stress, death ahh i was the call x reader anon, and im sorry i shouldve specified!! i did want headcanons so you dont have to stress yourself out w/ a oneshot if you dont want to! thank you sm for your wonderful hcs ^-^ Clingy [Peter Parker x Stark!Reader] Originally posted by schaferhunter. . tfrecipes. And basically . They fell in love at first sight, but couldn’t be married. random kisses on his face. Rated: SFW — angst and fluff. It would be nice to get some angst with happy ending. I was hoping for a chance to write some Shigaraki x. Sorry I love those character. Summary: Seokjin left for tour about five months ago. You slowly nod. crk-x-reader-asks. Cuddle Positions Todoroki x Reader Headcanons Summary: Todoroki’s favorite cuddle position (with you, of course). the opponent in the ring: *tries to punch the reader* Aizawa looks at his students, face straight as ever. While doing that . Follow New post. 7K 303 321 by _Kochii_ Share I let my head fall to the desk. The week at Hogwarts had been quiet. Three years. 80% of the population has some sort of uncanny ability known as Quirks and while the other 20% are born powerless. Shinsou X Reader- Hero’s Mistake (Part 1) Originally posted by tetsuruo. Evil is Subjective (Avengers x Villain!Reader) Originally posted by imagine-marvell. —. So I had to vent and this is the result. Hi guys! Here I write x reader fan fiction for a lot of fandoms/people! Here is a list: Harry Potter. Written In Ink - Dick Grayson x Reader. As he decides to take a stroll through the village. Tony x Reader: Stressed Out. Stressed (Cuddly!Sherlock X Reader) Summary : Sherlock and Reader have been together for some time now, though they haven’t exactly been vocal about it. Anakin Skywalker X Reader Stressed (Soulmate AU)Requests open! Please make one/some!Masterlist A/N: I’m so sorry it took me ages to finish this story, I started working on it three days ago but then I. Read Stressing | Todoroki x stressed! reader from the story Shoto Todoroki One-shots by Starling_Todoroki (Cosplay. Genre; Angst and fluff (a bit dramatic too, honestly) Word Count; 3k+ Request; @braelynn-j Could you do an imagine loosely based off of lyric “I don’t want your body but I hate to think about you with someone else. The Interview (Tom Holland x Actress!Reader) Description: You’re Tom Holland’s costar and girlfriend since the end of Civil War. 502 stressed / david dobrik. Also, I may have written . Tweet. smuttyfanfic, aotxreader, rivailleackerman. ” Category | One-shot @bnhalloween-challenge Length: ~1. • Todoroki is definitely the little spoon • It’s mainly because he gets shy. However you were in 1-A and quite often found yourself being scolded by Iida for not focusing. mid-is-a-simp. Levi obviously meant this as a joke but Louis took him very seriously. This takes place over the Stain arc, all the way to Overhaul. You’re really stressed for your upcoming exams after having spent days studying with Peter and he helps to calm you down. You ask Pepper for advice and she has a theory. CARTER. Part 1/Part 2 /Part 3/Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8 /Part 8. If you don’t feed on mommy’s milk, you will grow up to be short like daddy. YET! Sero, Kaminari, Bakugou,. Yandere bully x female reader. NEVER. When you brought up wanting to see him, he was honestly a little confused. Warning(s): language, angst, violence, mentions of miscarriage, kidnapping, depression. I took a deep breath and put my earbuds in, trying . M . Jean trying to stop Klee from exploding everything in the room. Thanks for reading! -Writer-chan (it’s 4am and I am tired . Soulmate AU (crankgameplays x reader) “Oh, sorry, didn’t see you there” was the sentenced tattooed on your arm. crk-x-reader-asks answered: Stressed, I’ve been working on school so I haven’t been able to get requests. Mate - Scott x Reader. And if you could make reader to be more prideful, like, once she get mad her . pairing: Saiki Kusuo x reader . You said as you ate another blueberry. Stressed (Spencer Reid x Reader) Tags: @dontshootmespence @criminallyyoursdrreid @reiding-and-writing. Requested by: Anon, who can apparently read my mind. Published: Mar 4, 2016. He thinks you’re truly beautiful and feels bad that you can’t see how beautiful you are. Losing your mind in his beauty, you felt his gaze on your face, chin, lips, nose and eyes. Part 1. I’ll take requests if anyone ends up liking this. Fablehaven. You’re running off with Diona this time, as SOMEONE has to put out the fires you make just by walking on grass. – Fight me: – Clint Barton x Reader. This is . I’m not gonna spoil anything tho. Watch. 2,183 notes. description: the warmth in your hand is what stirred you back awake. On the outside people see you as a happy-go-lucky person, when you’re hiding the hurt of a lost loved one. Instantly, Louis latched his mouth to his mom’s breast and started sucking like hell. He says yes before he really knows what he’s getting himself into, and he ends up falling for you because of it. Stressed Taehyung x Reader Fluff, a book x-overs fanfic | FanFiction. Bucky Barnes X Reader - You Should Be Sad: Requested But the later your period was, the more stressed you became, until eventually, two weeks after the usual start, you had gone to buy a home pregnancy test › Bucky Barnes X Pregnant!Reader. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. 12 notes. I'm so shocked right now. Deku edit made by @ToduwuMUSIC THAT WAS USED IN THIS VIDEO DOES NOT BELONG TO ME! IT BELONGS TO IT'S RIGHTFUL OWNERS! A copyright disclaimer is a statement t. Tw: toxic relationship, yandere, slight gore, self harm. He sees a young girl a couple years younger then him then him helping out a little boy pick up some books he's dropped and gave some money to a poor woman with her child. y/n bit her lip with a smile as she watched Mason from afar as he messed around during training that day; even the sight of him made her heart flutter. You were so excited to spend the weekend out of state, you were going to visit your sister in New Orleans. Elrohir x sick!reader. around the holidays, y/n always took a break from posting on her youtube channel to spend time with her family and friends. ROLEPLAY IS OPEN WITH: CONNOR. my focus was only a scenario where Bucky is jealous of Zemo. Chan x Reader (neutral) Genre: Pure fluff, tiny bit of angst if you really dig into it. Requests are open. wc: 1,150. Summary: Morgan has been awfully clingy lately. I had been working on some reports my boss wanted done. Your used to his door and knocked. Header by Captainchilly. 65 Favourites. During this, Aizawa’s face stays completely stern. i can’t even say that im upset with how specific this is bc it just works (also i kinda changed it a lil up for phil’s bc i was inspired to do something) tw for abuse (mental and physical) and panic attacks. Connor x Blind!Reader. Part 2. It had been a rough case, the unsub targeting children and everyone was exhausted, physically and emotionally. In all honesty, Loki was rather surprised at the lack of security at the tower when the rest of the Avengers were sent on a . This was so sweet to write, hope you liked it!!! Thank you for this request, much love!!! You looked at the clock, continuously looking up at its direction every five or so minutes. Throughout the entire day he was unfocused and couldn't get the dance moves down and they can all see his irritation at the situation. It had been a few exhausting days since the world ended. Originally posted by mountsmason. Shadow X Reader. You, Rest rn, rest. James Potter~Commotion And Confessions. Everyone was born with the first sentence their soulmate said tattooed somewhere on their body. (My Hero Academia) Midoriya x Reader x Bakugou LEMON *Sequel from Dabi x Captured! Reader* A week after the incident, (Y/n) aimlessly walked around the school, lost in thought while her and Midoriya had small talk. Sign me up . warnings: none?? just super fluffy. Genre: Angst to Fluff. wattpad. 4K 491 790 by slipquiziq (Y/N) couldn't believe her eyes. Too Loud - Jake Gyllenhaal x f!teen!reader: Jake discovers that you are not all shy, but actually loud and outgoing. ⚠️manga spoilers⚠️ ⚠️lgbtq+⚠️ ⚠️Shity smut⚠️ Key Lemon🍋 Fluff☁️ Angst🖤 Manga Spoilers📚. Clingy [Peter Parker x Stark!Reader] Originally posted by schaferhunter. I decided I should save it for his birthday, but then I forgot about the time difference, so I’m technically a day late T_T Dazai deserves all the happiness in the world. Don’t like don’t read. Whatever you draw on your skin, appears on your soulmate’s skin too. Sorry this took so long. Ending is up . Read Tony x Reader: Stressed Out from the story Avengers One-Shots PART TWO by RoguePhoenix15 (Sarai) with 5,490 reads. Pinned Post rules miras rules arcane x reader a. You occasionally let your tail trail against the surface so you can feel the drizzle. It’s time to try Tumblr. Prince Damian is so stressed about finding the perfect girl to be wedded to and love for the rest of his life. Reader starts going out with some guy to try and get over Jim, but jim gets jealous and flirts with the reader a lot in front of him. You gritted your teeth and looked up at him. Content warnings: Loki being a bit clueless (not an outright dick, mind you), insecure reader kind of rusty writing? Tag list: @agent-barnes40. It had been a fairly peaceful day, up until now at least. Bully x reader. The reader could be a lil clumsy and grabs onto Connor a lot to keep herself from slipping. modern!reader x tommy shelby . Sans was begining to worry. EraserMic x Reader. Crush x reader. You hated this soulmate crap. Like maybe the reader and Draco just broke up and to get . Now Sansa is to marry Ramsay Bolton. That is until your small cat head is nuzzled into his cheek. It’s a Bucky x Reader and Zemo (platonic) x Reader thing // If you wanna reach and squint maybe it can be romantic, but I don't think lol. Warnings: brief fight. 502 caffeine addiction (k. All though she was poor she would always give money to the . Dust x Neko Fem Reader. haru x fem!reader) desc: not only were you addicted to caffeine and the thrill of adventures, but you couldn’t get enough of your co-worker, Haru Kato. Family (Five Hargreeves x Fem! Reader) A/N: Hi, it’s time for a Five Fiction, lol. Again this is a one shot, it’s just me wanting to share my ideas, I hope. Also, can I please stop accidental . You had made a couple of friends serving your term. Yandere Toga Himiko x Reader. The reader’s past, as well as the truth about your parentage and your secret is finally unveiled during a fatal and long overdue sit down with your father. Add to Favourites. com/user/FandomWriterss The idea is a mixture of venting and my personal opinion. Discover more posts about cookie run x reader, cookie run fluff, golden cheese cookie x reader, hollyberry cookie x reader, cookie run imagines, crk x reader, and dark cacao cookie x reader. I really hope you enjoy this Silva!! [[MORE]]You had been hired as a new clerk for some. During a ministry emergency, the pair of you run into Theseus. Connor and the reader end up passing a tiny café on their way home so you grab hot chocolates and cuddle together to stay warm. new www. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading it. ASKS ARE OPEN. The pressure weighing down, muscles in your chest tightening, heart beating in your eardrums - unfortunately, you familiarized yourself with this song and dance far too many times. spooning him sometimes. Read Stressed out levi x reader from the story Levi Ackerman x reader smuts by yamisins with 32,885 reads. songprefere. You had passed the 's . You manage to get yourself of SHIELD’s radar in a bad way, and soon enough, the Avengers are on your tail. Spencer walked off the jet . Thanks for checking in tho. Jealous Gojo Satoru x female reader pt. Reader might run away or do whatever you think is suitable. – Tony Stark x Reader. Tragedy (Bucky x Reader) Request: @dedicatedfanqirl Can I request a one shot where the reader (who is an avenger, and Bucky’s girlfriend) is taken and tortured and experimented on by hydra. ” By the 1975. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna . Aizawa looks at his students, face straight as ever. Maybe later. You were just chilling in his apartment with her, since you missed him a lot, when the door beeped, Seokjin and the boys walking in to see your new pet. He doesn’t feel weird when he just looks at you for long periods because it never gets awkward. Post . Thank you! It’s okay to project sometimes. You guys are so kind and sweet. Originally posted by tvandfilm. Three long years you have been in the war in Iraq, fighting for your country and the people beside you. Sorry it’s so long! thank you! Warnings: Swearing. It’s my first try at this but I’m quite proud of it. He was draining her boob of all it’s milk. (Female Reader) [Name] lives in a world full of wonders. I was quite feeling stressed last week bc of my lovely university and how they helped me not and the other thing is my opinion at the moment to this topic (means I quite feel the same like the reader). Scott had called you to his house for some reason and he seemed stressed over the phone. Genre: little angst I guess/ fluff. 95 notes. I’m trying to write cause I don’t have nothing to do. I like drama. Yandere/Fishermen Hawks x Mermaid reader. His eyes were stuck on her, her little bobs and her spacey face. child x reader Matches 1 - 10 of 18 Yandere fem x reader lemon forced. Big Smile** - Tom Hiddleston x f!teen!reader: Tom sees you cry for the first time, when you struggle to deal with the stress of school. Originally posted by holisticfansstuff. Your dream—nightmare, in this case—already fled the surface of your mind . I have no excuses, I have just been feeling unmotivated and been stressed out over ACTs recently. Reader is almost always gender neutral and has body ambiguity. Mysteries of the Heart (Dazai x reader) This is for @alright-same who requested some fluff with Dazai. 3k TW: Swearing A/N: I wrote. ”. rintisbisnis. 1k. Warning(s): language, violence . izukumidorya, s. Bitter | Dazai Osamu x Reader wc: 1. And she gets stabbed or shot (not death) and she gets checked out by the doctor and he tells her she’s pregnant but before she can tell Spencer he starts getting mad at her. Midoriya . tumblr. If your comfortable please be a tad more descriptive on the torture? And after a while there the team finds her, and Bucky comforts her. reader has enough of this and breaks up with him. You’ve tried to keep busy while your friends are away at work, but you can only clean the house so many times before it becomes monotonous. Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader Prompt: the reader was kidnapped and the team finds her but the unsub starts attacking the team and she puts herself between Spencer (her fiancé) and the unsub. Draco X Reader (Bullies Have Their Reasons) Summary: Draco has been patronizing you for as long as you can remember, it is only when Blaise decides to get in on the teasing that things become serious. But once her brother becomes entangled with a crime lord putting her and her family in danger, a relationship with the Waynes may prove useful. Pairing: Massimo Torricelli x Reader . Word Count: 797. Riverdale. Colleagues: Y/N has the internship of a lifetime at Wayne Enterprises. Her features were gorgeous, he couldn’t stop looking. Have fun darlings ;) Warnings: Slight. typically, she would still vlog bits and pieces over the couple of weeks that she took her hiatus . plot: reader is stressed about her posting schedule, david takes her mind off of it for a moment. You were a little down, and quite bored. Genre: Fluff TW: Reader is depressed(?) A/N: Awww you’re so sweet and considerate! I hope this is what you were looking for— I took ‘apathy’ to mean depression of sorts. As he looked up staring deep down at you, he replaced a lock of hair behind your ear. -. Honestly it was almost comforting to hang out with Tweek. Macaque x kunndere reader x Sun Wunkong . A scenario for bakugou x reader where they get distanced from each other, fight more and more, and at one point reader reader ask if he even love her anymore, and he says that sometimes he he wonder too. Reader gets mad and confronts jim but he shuts her up by kissing her and then confesses his feelings. Description: You control water, and with that comes just about everything. exe has stopped working *blush* Thanks for the lovely request, have a great day <3 . i rules. com See a recent post on Tumblr from @thelostcityofsugarteara about dark cacao cookie x reader. 135 5 2Im not done with the story or with the cover yet yes I drew the cover sorry if the sketch looks bad- so yeah its still a WIP This is a school AU This is a Genmui story demon slayer lemon inosuke x . Tw: Authoritarian Regime AU, female reader, Activist!reader, non - con, dub - con, violence, blood, minor character death, possessive behavior, controlling behavior, imprisonment, objectification, political dystopia setting, mention of drugs, unrealistic potrayal of left - wing totalitarianism, loss of vision due to stress, death Request: Hiii~ can I make a req with a hufflepuff reader (who doesn’t take shit from anyone- bonus if they’re a mudblood) who is secretly dating draco but he keeps doing stuff with pansy like he takes her to the Yule ball, public dates, making out in the halls etc. Simp. Not soon after, a bad spell leaves you in an unstable condition, and Theseus loses control. Darling. I’m a recovering self harmer and I just wanted to give other people like me and how I used to. Oct 7th, 2018. Bullies** - Tom Holland x f!teen . ) Heartlines had always fascinated you. A/N: Finals are coming up for us and the panic is real (╬ ಠ益ಠ) Word Count: 598. wc: 1. A/N: Hey, I hope you’re doing well and that this fic is to your liking! It makes me happy to hear that you were looking forward to reading more of my stuff! I haven’t written for Kuroo really other than for headcanons so I’m sorry if he’s a little out of character. Chapter Text. Ah yes, here we are again. A-O-K — chase davenport. “You’re not cursed” - 13. Kirishima Eijirou x Reader. Well, at least it felt like the world as you knew it had ended . After two months of being alone, you decided to get a dog, not telling Seokjin. He opened it with a weird look on his face. Author note: This one took me AGES to write. Pairing: Loki x Reader Fandom: MCU Warnings: Soulmate!AU in which you get the same injuries as your soulmate does. #yandere+dream+smp+x+reader. “Thank you Levi. was it kiana? was it the enemy? was this a trick being played on you? despite your eyelids feeling heavier than boulders, you slowly opened them. Warnings: mentions of injuries, language and Suna can be a little ooc. Pairing: Toga Himiko x Reader. “Dirty Secret” Levi x Reader Warnings: None! No spoilers. Tears of joy escaped (Y/N)'s (E/C) eyes as she leaned against the bathroom wall. Chase x reader Chase is quite stressed about a project he has been working on for a long time and the reader treats him to rest and relaxation with sweet hugs and kisses. All Sanses x Stressed stitched mouth Fem Reader. “I am always here for you. I had finals to do. 156 notes. In fact, the two of them have decided that things would be safer if no one was aware of their relationship. Danny didn’t appreciate my joke, but ok. It took a bit of time to get to ten but everything was just fine by the time you did. Eraser Shavings We will write just about anything that is thrown at us. I stepped onto the stage with a big grin, waving both hands at the screaming audience before me. Z Nation . summary: you’re the new girl, meet kirishima! Her eyes had dropped to her feet and her head was moving side to side to the rhythm of a song she couldn’t remember. Because of this you found a kindred spirit in Monoma from 1-B, the pair of you were both copy-quirk students. The biggest drawback - the billionaire’s adopted son Jason Todd and his suffocating confidence. if the gender is not specified it's gender neutral. Summary: Your entire world is shattered from the revelation and you wonder where it all went wrong. The two break up, and are miserable without each other. Theseus Scamander x Reader (How Bad?) Summary: Being close friends with Newt, you were surprised to find out he had a brother that he never mentioned to you before. Avengers X Child Avengers X Child Reader Avengers X Teen Avenges X Teenage Reader Avengers X Teen Reader Avengers Parent Scenarios Child. Distractions (Tfa Blitzwing x reader) It had been a long few days, as a human who worked closely with the Autobots you were often dragged into a lot of mess you would rather not worry about. com/user/FandomWriterss stressed / david dobrik. Word count: 923 (kinda short Ik) Pairing; Ex! Draco x Reader, Harry Potter x Reader . Zane Hijazi. Quirks can range from so many different things. Tsundere Fem Sans x Fem Reader. and we’re live!; dreamwastaken x reader, georgenotfound x reader, wilbur soot x reader. Tomioka Giyuu Tanjiro X Reader Demon Slayer Pillars Demon Demon Slayer Corps Manga Spoiler Simp Weebs. After three pregnancy tests, she'd gotten it through her thick skull that she was indeed pregnant with the pro hero, Katsuki Bakugo's child. There probably going to be one shots but whatever. the opponent in the ring: *tries to punch the reader* The reader here is gender-neutral. Enjoy! 🌊You were swimming with a school of fish on a sunny day with a light drizzle. Word Count:1012. Summary: Newt ignores the reader, in turn the reader decided to ignore him back. Characters: Toga Himiko. Looking | Mason Mount x Reader. Platonic Reader x Diluc, reader is Diluc’s adoptive child, Reader bears a pyro vision! This is definitely be much shorter than all the other ones. Her family finds out of the bullying she’s suffered. Yours was tattooed on the back of your right thigh. Lives with the Avengers, New and Old. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. He’ll go to his father and ask him all kinds of questions, wanting to make sure that he has all his bases covered. It was supposed to be a oneshot, but some people requested a part two. You had noticed the odd reminders or doodles appear on both of their wrists . Her boyfriend, secret albeit because of the club’s policy, was driving her crazy, he knew what he was doing as well. He came back with a piece of plain bread. (not that toga isn’t already a yandere, but) Series: Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia. this is becoming a chase davenport stan account. But he’ll hide it, not wanting to cause you any more stress than you’re bound to be feeling. Massimo deals with his inner demons and Mario decides it’s time to have an overdue chat. I wanted to share this Shigaraki x reader fanfiction that’s been in my drive for awhile. Delusions) with 2,224 reads. Reader is a wolf shape-shifter from a powerful royal house that has helped the Starks for centuries. It was a stormy day at Hogwarts and you had just escaped another one of the Weasley twins’ newest pranks, very nearly . ——— tommy going to a shootout with someone, without telling anyone in the family: what could go wrong? Tagged as bts bts fluff bts angst kim seokjin seokjin x reader min yoongi yoongi x reader jung hosoek j-hope x reader hobi x reader suga x reader kim namjoon bts namjoon namjoon x reader park jimin jimin x reader kim taehyung taehyung x reader jeon jungkook jungkook x reader bts soulmate au bts fanfic bound forever series a cph army: ask a College AU - Lee Jihoon (woozi) X OC Part 1 - Class . Your a great stress reliever. I'm in quarantine and I was told to make this so here. Overprotective Cross x Detective Death Note Fem Reader. Deviation Actions. ♯. Originally posted by izuwus _____ Pairing: Mirio x Reader Summary: You and your boyfriend Mirio have a slight misunderstanding. a/n: thank you so much for the overwhelming love and support for the first chapter of this fic 🥺 I didn’t expect it all. modern!reader x peaky blinders . Usually, you go on interviews together, but this time, you are requested alone on Ellen. 3 AM [Bakugou x Anxious!Reader] The darkness caved around you for another night. #kara-danvers-x-reader. Got the idea from a request on this tumblr imaginesharrypotter. Originally posted by raphtaliah. tweek tweak south park south park x reader. com/963728140-hazbin-hotel-x-reader-vaggie-x-stressed-readerProfile: https://www. Can I request a Butters x reader where they are in high school and butters sees the reader, a new kid at south park high, in the music room practicing singing for an audition? Maybe Butters is awestruck and won't stop talking about the reader's voice to the boys until maybe the boys shove Butters in the room the next time the reader is singing? I love your writing so much!! Chapter 1: America X Soldier! Reader - Coming Home. Newt X Reader: Fight, Cry, Make Up. Read Leonardo x Reader | Stressed out from the story TMNT x Reader | Song preferences | Imagines PART FOUR! by chatchoow (catchoow) with 630 reads. 1. Words: 1. Based on after The Age Of Ultron but Pietro didn't die nor Bruce left. “I can’t get pregnant”So I’ve decided to go with Dick boy on this one. Ethan Nestor (Crankgameplays) Markiplier. Alone. Apathetic!Reader HC’s Midoriya x Reader | Todoroki x Reader. “Baby steps. HANK. He’ll be kind of panicked at the beginning, not really sure to react. ♥️ The idea is a mixture of venting and my personal opinion. Warnings: Yandere content, (like the usual stuff), kidnapping, unhealthy relationships, knives, blood, ingesting blood, death. Low key having a bad day and am projecting. A Sam x gn reader who’s having a bad day. A tiny dot in an endless timeline that could change everything. Mostly fluff Your mouth. Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been online in a while, life’s been pretty busy. macaque. a/n: ahhahahahhahaa brain rot you have rotted too far. Furthermore, cuddles helps reduce stress, and Hordak is just a bundle of stress, so having someone who likes to cuddle is like having a walking stress ball. — synopsis: just some moments from their streams revolving around your relationship— honestly, chat loves the two of you. 6 Technoblade X readerThis is part 6 y'all. The So Called Graysons - Dick Grayson x Reader 9&13 with Dick Grayson Prompt 13 with Jason pleaseee - 9. "What's the point?" I groan. A/N: Okay guys. When in social situation, like school or something, you can be a very optimistic person, talking to everyone, whatever, but at home you’re always alone, and that's how you . lvyu. c! philza and c! technoblade x reader who has a panic attack. Avengers x Teen!Reader :Stress: Deviation Actions. A week passes in the blink of an eye. Dream x Stressed! Reader 14. Keep reading. “One,” you and Levi count together, your voice more shaky than his. That's how long it's been since you've seen your husband. Levi x Mute!Reader: Vibrations Levi had his head rested in your lap eyes closed you were sat crossed legged against the armrest of the couch running your fingers through his raven black hair the sound of rain hitting the window he opened his eyes to look up at you a small smile formed on his lips and in return you smiled gently at him. You were in search of an absolute form of love. Sam is very much one of my comfort people (but Punz is definitely my comfort streamer). From changing ones appearance to giving them an ability made for fighting or just for everyday tasks. Colby Brock. Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader. 12K Views. Tokoyami x Soulmate Reader. “Um, you okay Scott?”. Geno x Suicidal Emotionless Fem Reader x Reaper. Scotty Sire. This . Todoroki x Reader Fluff. Jun 18, 2017 — It was a female and a male on the other side. When you come to the realization that maybe he was right, and do as he says, Namjoon starts to understand that everything he said was the exact opposite of what he truly wanted and that he needed to fix things between the both of you before it was too late. Swell** - Tom Hiddleston x f!teen!reader: Tom finds out that you self harm and he does his best to help. Chapter 1: America X Soldier! Reader - Coming Home. By. . He had his good moments and he had his bad ones, but as your relationship progressed, the bad just seemed to become more and more noticeable. None of them survived. this mans needs a. Especially on humid days. C! Clingy (Shigaraki x Reader) [Summary: The crusty man gets some well-needed love and affection. warning: none. Hint: you might be pregnant . 6 Comments. Breaking Point - Kuroo x Stressed!Male!Reader . I sigh and start to feel even more frustrated then before. Y/N, Daughter of Natasha and Bruce Banner. The 100. chapter i, chapter ii, chapter iii, chapter iv, chapter v, chapter vi, chapter vii, cha . Comment. and. 1k a/n: it’s angst time, friends Dazai Osamu was an enigma to many, but not to you. -2nd Night-. All the other members frown with discontent as Taehyung messes up the dance moves and groans with frustration at himself. You bot. Stop whining and drink already. mischief, vision, samwilson. tommy: good morninh, time to wake up eh? reader, not bothering to open their eyes: don’t tell me what to do. Pairing: Jim Kirk x female!reader Ayano X Fem Reader Lemon Recipes. You were still in his arms with your head on his chest. warning: I wrote this when my brain was slowly shutting down from bad sleep and school stress so I hope that it’s not as bad as I think it is. Word Count: 1,613. Open in app. Heath . Dom x reader who disassociates when under a lot of stress or worries and how he deals with it Zoned Out# Word count:796 Tw?: Slight mentions of anxiety, disassociation etc. Word Count: 4960. reader in a fight . In . GAVIN. a/n: Yesss!! I love Dazai so much lol. Summary: you were being annoying, but that is one of the reasons that Saiki Kusuo loved you. Literature Text. To say you were stressed out was an understatement. could i request a platonic techno x reader, where the reader is an orphaned piglin hybrid (maybe 7-8 in age) like techno, but instead of killing them, he decides to bring them along and when he gets home with the hybrid child philza’s like “how did they not die?” while watching techno hold the child at his hip while making dinner or something. No warnings, just a cute little thing I wrote. That was until you were walking to your house . A/N: This melted my heart in so many ways. A/N: thank you so much for that compliment, my love!I have to be honest, I was a little worried about this prompt, because I’m pretty much a grandma when it comes to soulmate AU’s. Draco x Reader(Star-Crossed Lovers) . Summary: Finally, everything is revealed.

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